Know More About Landscape Lighting

You got a beautiful home that took years for you to dream, acquire and live. You do not want a lovely abode such as this will be left out in the dark, and its beauty is going to be unseen, right? This is where landscape lighting is going to take into the picture. Now, right after the sun is out, and night will get into play, your home will shine its beauty where you can see how grand it is. You will be able to appreciate the architectural features of your home and bring in more attention to the trees and plants that surround it.

One thing about the usual landscape lighting being used today is that they are of low voltage. This means you need not get into the grove and make use of the usual 120-volt lighting system. This means, it would be much safer for you to work with this type of system plus it does not cost you much to have it installed. You might think just because the lightings are of low-voltage it means the effects are not as grand as they can be. Of course, not! You can still achieve the kind of effects you do want to have for your home. You can have that subtle glow of your garden and even give the spotlight to the trees.

See Your Landscaping at Night

The thing about landscape lighting is that it is way more than buying light fixtures, install them and that’s it. This entails a bit of artistry to you, the homeowner, as to how you want your landscape to look like during nighttime. With this in place, you need to make sure you have searched for what cool lighting designs you can make use of for your home, what is perfect for your landscape that is.

Now the biggest question you may ask, which is preferable to DIY or hire an expert to the do the system?  Well, it all depends. But to give you a rough idea and be able to come up with a good decision, if you are the handyman type of person, have the time over the weekend to do so, and have that sense of artistry within you, go for DIY. It will save you on the cost, and the final output will be a fulfillment at your end. However, if you do not have the time, the artistry, or you find it a bit of a hassle to DIY, you can go and hire an expert to do the installation of the lighting system for you.

How much would it cost you? To give you an idea, one lighting fixture can cost around 20 bucks. As for the cables, it can go for about 70 cents/ft. Then, the transformer can cost you for about 200 bucks. If you are going to have let’s say a light system that is going to be installed by an expert, it can cost you for about 2,000 bucks.

Lastly, how long does this system is going to last? The warranties when it comes to the light fixtures, as well as the transformers, would be within the range of 1-10 years. As to fixtures that are made of stainless steel, copper or even brass, they could last a lifetime so to speak.

Now that you do have an idea about landscape lighting, are you ready to convert your home into an aesthetically beautiful one during nighttime? If you are, then start the search for a lighting system which will fit perfectly into your landscape.  Visit Peninsula Pavers for more info on landscaping.